Panel Discussion: Biased Signaling: From Pharmacology to Physiology

Time: 12:00 pm
day: Pre Conference Focus Day


GPCR signaling can be activated in a ‘biased’ response, via G proteins or β-arrestins with distinct biochemical and physiological actions from each other. The current field however requires further clarity to evaluate biased signaling from pharmacology to physiology for the benefit of discovering biologically relevant GPCR targets. From determining bias specificity to rationally designing biased agonists, we will explore the challenges and future perspectives of biased signaling.

  • What determines bias specificity and understanding its importance to hit multiple GPCRs and signaling pathways?
  • How to rationally design biased agonists and overcome the pitfalls of over-expression systems for improved tissue specificity and biological relevance?
  • How do you quantify bias signaling for the future of GPCR-targeted drug discovery?